"1C-Bitrix" released an application for working with online cash registers of a new sample




"1C-Bitrix" released an application for working with online cash registers of a new sample

the Solution to quick connect online store "1C-Bitrix" to the online checkout of the new sample. Developed an Application under Windows in the system and works with version 17.01 "1C-Bitrix: site Management". In plans of developers – to release versions for other operating systems.

Since July 1, each Internet shop, which accepts payments from customers in electronic form (on a card or through payment aggregators) needs to acquire online cash.

the ticket office should work with online shop 24 hours a day. This is necessary in order to say:

-to print a check with a detailed specification of all goods or services at the time of purchase;
-pass it to the CRF Operator (Fiscal Data);
to register FTS data.
And In the

the Electronic version of the check should be sent to the buyer of the online store. Via email or SMS. Dispatch will confirm the purchase. E-check is now paper in the legal rights.

the Application is installed on the local computer and works on the principle server. It "clings" to the online store. Gets the data in real time and sends them to the cashier.

If the online store accepts only electronic payments, print paper receipts is not necessary.

The FZ-54 has several features for online trading.

first, the new law severely reglamentary time to fix the payment and getting a receipt. At the time of purchase. The application of "1C-Bitrix" checks the availability of online cash.

second, one office can print a limited number of checks per minute. The application of "1C-Bitrix.the cash" will allow the Internet shop to connect a lot of banks to process large quantities of payments.

third, online cash one need to make payments only one legal entity. Much has changed the format checks. Now they have added new paragraphs with detailed information about the product.

Internet-shops on "1C-Bitrix" is already possible to connect the cash register "ATOL". In the near future will appear in the application support desks from the "Bar M".

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